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Golf-4U Amateur Events Policy 2021

This following document constitutes the official regulations governing the events run under the auspices of Golf-4U Amateur Events. All rules and regulations are set by the Directors of Golf-4U Ltd amateur events. No rule shall be made without the approval of the tour directors.

Tournament conditions may vary between events, but the overriding conditions that govern the tournaments shall fall within the framework of these tournament regulations. Conditions unique and specific to an individual event will be published at event entry and this shall be binding. Publication of the conditions at www.golf-4u.com and on the Golf-4U golf genius portal shall be considered proper and official notice to all competitors.

Tour Policy Approval

When becoming a member and entering any Golf-4U event the player must take the time to read the Events Policy and Regulations. The purchase of a Golf-4U amateur tour membership and or tournament entry serve as confirmation that the player understands and is in agreement with the Tour Policy.

The Tour Policy & Regulations will be displayed at the review section on the tournament entry purchase page. This acts as an official reminder that payment serves as acceptance of Golf-4u Amateur events Policy.

Tournament Format

Tournament formats may vary from event to event, but the format and length of event will be published on the tournament information page. Players are required to contact Golf-4U amateur events should they have any queries.

Golf-4U amateur events will be governed by the Rules of Golf published by the R&A Rules Limited. Golf-4U amateur events retain the rights to make additions to these rules and include local rules that are deemed necessary.

Tournament specific local rules will be made available and communicated to competitors at each tournament. They will be published on the tournament notice board at registration.


Golf-4U amateur events offers a membership option for both tournament divisions. Golf-4U amateur events memberships are not compulsory, but they entitle players to exclusive opportunities.

Players MUST be a member to qualify for the annual OOM prizes. Golf-4U amateur events is a fully accessible golf event platform offering memberships to male and female golfers. Golf-4U amateur events retains the right to review, evaluate and refuse any entry and membership application.

Refunds on membership will only be granted at the discretion of Golf-4U amateur events under special circumstances. Refunds will not be given to players whose membership has been cancelled or withdrawn due to poor behaviour and conduct or players whom just decide to no longer compete in the season.

Event Entry

Golf-4U amateur events is an open access platform and there is no qualification for individual events. Event entry will be staggered for members and non-members, with all entries being handled on a first come first serve basis.

GOLF-4U amateur events are open to both male and females with an official handicap index. The number of entry spots available is indicated on the official tournament page for each event on Golf Genius.

Golf-4U amateur events reserves the right to establish unique and event specific entry criteria. This criteria will be published in advance of a tournament and listed in the tournament information on Golf Genius.

Before entry and payment, players are required to set up a profile on the Golf Genius booking system. This requires player to submit personal contact details for business use only. Entries and payment for an event cannot be submitted until this is provided.

Players must read and agree to the Golf-4u amateur events Policy (document in question) before they enter and pay for an event. An entry cannot be processed until the tour policy is accepted. Payment and entry acts as confirmation that players are accepting of the Golf-4U amateur events Policy.

Entries must be submitted and paid for online, using the official booking system or via Direct Transfer upon direct request to the tour directors. Golf-4U amateur events will not accept cash payment for any tournament entries. Entries must be paid in full at the point of entering. Bulk entry will be available through Golf Genius in the form of a season pass at the start of the season – subject to availability.  


Refunds of any nature are at the total discretion of Golf-4U amateur events.

Our Cancellation and refund policy is outlined below –

Cancellation fees are based on the total amount paid by the booker. Requests for cancellation must be made in writing to – [email protected].

31 Days or more prior to the event day – 100% refund less £10.00 admin fee or 100% credit valid for 12 months.

31-14 days before the event date –100% refund less £25.00 admin fee

14 days or less before the event – 0% refund

All entry inclusions listed for a particular event, such as food, are subject to change and subject to availability.

Golf-4U amateur events maintain the right to issue sponsors invites to any player that they choose for any given event in the 2021 schedule.

It is the players responsibility to indicate any changes to personal or contact information that might have an impact on correspondence between Golf-4U amateur events and the player. It is the players responsibility to keep their golf genius account information up to date.

Force Majeure – Circumstances Beyond Our Control

For circumstances which are outside of our control such as golf course unavailability through war, strikes or labour disputes, outbreak of disease including pandemics, golf club bankruptcy, course closure through acts of nature, civil unrest, local acts of terrorism, or any other unforeseen event which make the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted.  In such cases we may terminate this Agreement, without liability, in writing to the email you provided upon booking.

We will endeavour to work with you in this case to provide alternative arrangements or credits for future events, but this is not guaranteed.

Entry Closing Dates

Entries will be accepted up until the entry closing date. Dates will vary depending on the policy of the hosting club. Official entry closing dates will be posted on the tournament entry page on the Golf Genius event booking software. When an event becomes full a waiting list will be in place. Should a place become available, 1st on the list will be automatically added into the event and so on.

No player will be allowed to play a tournament without Golf-4U amateur events receiving full payment for the respective event. Late entries will be handled entirely at the discretion of the Golf-4U amateur events.

Tournament Withdrawals

The withdrawal policy for Golf-4U amateur events will govern all the different event divisions. A player will receive a refund for a withdrawal that is made 31 days prior to the event less at £10.00 admin fee. Players who withdraw 31-14 days prior to the event will receive a refund less £25.00 admin fee.  

Withdrawals made within 14 days date of an event will not be subject to any refund.

Failure to give notice of a withdrawal before the entry closure date and before the draw has been made will result in no entry refund being granted.

In the instance that a player tests positive for Coronavirus the positive test result will be required for proof and Golf-4U amateur events records. In this instance a player’s entry fee will be carried over to a subsequent tournament.

Once a tournament has begun, no refunds will be granted under any circumstance.

Tee Times

Tee times will be released as early as possible prior to each event. Players will be notified via email or text message and tee times will also be posted on the Golf-4U events portal on golf genius. Golf-4U amateur events retains the right to alter and arrange groupings where they see fit.

Tee time requests for early or late starts will be considered carefully, but there is no guarantee that requests will be granted. It is the Golf-4u amateur events obligation to maintain a fair and competitive environment.


All Golf-4U amateur events prize funds are gender equal and guaranteed. Male and female players compete for the same prizes, there are no gender separate prizes.

Prizes funds for tournaments may vary between events.

Golf-4U amateur events retains the right to change the breakdown of an event prizes subject to entries. There must be one winner of each tournament. 

Prize Fund, Prizes & Entry Inclusions

All guarantees and incentives offered by Golf-4U amateur events are true and accurate at the time of release. Prizes can be won by all competitors, the allocation of these prizes is at the discretion of the Golf-4U tour directors.

All listed entry fee inclusions such as breakfast are subject to change and availability. If changes are made the players will be notified.


Players must register at least 40 minutes prior to their tee time on the day of the tournament in person at the tournament registration. A player is registered when their name has been signed off in person or by a member of Golf-4U staff. No other player or person is allowed to register on behalf of the player. Failure to register will be treated as a tournament withdrawal and no refund will be issued. If a player is delayed due to traffic, roadworks etc they may register via telephone by calling Gemma on 07515 856818, where possible we will move a players tee time to later in the field as long as they arrive before the last group tees off. 

Gender Equal Policy

Golf-4U amateur events offers a fully inclusive golf event platform. All events staged by Golf-4U amateur events are open to male and female golfers and they are also open to disabled golfers. Golf-4U amateur events put a great amount of thought and consideration into course set up and providing a fair and equal playing field. Women will compete off designated tees at all events. On all dual division Golf-4U amateur events, there may be different tees and course lengths set for the differing age categories.

All OOM incentives and playing invitations are open to both male and female golfers.

Suspension of Play

Golf-4U amateur events are committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all of its competitors. Players will be called in at the first sign of electrical activity, signalled by 1 long blast on the klaxon. Players must mark the position of the ball using two tee pegs and seek the nearest point of safe shelter.

The resumption of play will be signalled by two long blasts on the klaxon. Other reasons for suspension in play such as flooded greens will be signalled by 2 short blasts on the klaxon. When play is suspended with 2 short blasts and for non-electrical activity the players have the option to complete the hole that they are on or mark the position of the ball.

No practice on the course can be undertaken during a postponement in play. Players must return to the clubhouse and await further instruction. Players are required to stay on site and must make themselves available to return to the course at the request of the tour directors.

Players will be granted a minimum of 10 minutes to warm up and return to their position on the course following a postponement in play.

Golf-4U amateur events has the authority to extend the length of a tournament beyond the stated time frame if the event has been suspended due to unplayable conditions.  

Tournament Cancellations

Golf-4U amateur events reserves the right to cancel any tournament for any reason that they deem necessary. In the unlikely event of a tournament cancellation players will be given the option to carry forward their entry fee to a future event or to request a full refund. Full refunds granted for a tournament cancellation will be processed and paid within 7 working days. A tournament cancellation is defined as follows – ‘the event is cancelled with no future date be it at the same venue or an alternative.’

Players acknowledge that Golf-4U amateur events cannot be held accountable for expenses, costs or a loss of earnings in the event of a tournament cancellation. If a tournament is cancelled during or prior to the scheduled date, Golf-4U amateur events will endeavour to find an alternative venue or reschedule the event. Players however acknowledge that this might not be possible.

18 holes of golf must have been completed by all players in order for an event to be declared as completed.

Golf-4U amateur events maintains the right to cancel or postpone any given tournament should the numbers of participants be deemed to be too low to sustain an effective tournament. This decision will be made at the sole discretion of Golf-4U amateur events.

Buggies & Trolleys

Pull and electric trolleys are permitted at all Golf-4U amateur events. During winter months this will be at the discretion of the hosting club. Should their be any trolley bans in place, players will be notified. Hire trolleys are subject to availability by the hosting club and will be distributed on as first come first serve basis.

Golf buggies are not permitted for tournament play.  Golf-4U amateur events officials retain the right to make allowances of this rule based on medical grounds.

Competitive Attire

Players are required to wear standard golf attire at all times on the course.
Shorts will be allowed to be worn during tournament play, and hoodies made by golf manufacturers will be permitted.

Players must obey the clubhouse and course rules of the host venues and must restrain from wearing hats, golf shoes and waterproofs inside of the clubhouse. In the event that the host club has specific rules regarding attire, the club rules with override that of Golf-4U amateur events.

Distance Measuring Devices

GPS/Distance Measuring Devices are permitted; however, slope and gradient calculators/indicators must be turned off before the tournament round commences. Mobile phones are allowed to be used for GPS and compass apps.

Pace of Play Regulations

Pace of play is of paramount importance at any Golf-4U amateur event. Competitors will be closely monitored by tournament officials and the officials will be focussed on getting groups to complete their rounds within the allotted time frame.

All groups are required to keep pace with the preceding group. Please note that keeping ahead of the group behind is not deemed to be keeping up with pace of play. Ready golf is encouraged by Golf-4u amateur events.

Order of Merit 

Only members can qualify for the 2021 Order of Merit prizes at Golf-4u amateur events across both of our respective age divisions. To be eligible to win the Order of Merit a player must have played in 5 or more tournaments across the 2021 season.

Each Order of Merit offers fully equitable incentives that can be won by both male and female golfers.

For the 2021 season there will be two orders of merit. Under 50 and 50 and over. Both will be open to both male and female golfers. The top 20 tour members at each event and in each OOM will be awarded points. All tour members will be awarded 5 appearance points at each event they compete in. The order of merit tables will be available to view on the Golf-4U amateur events portal on golf genius. The top 4 tour members in each OOM will win a COMPLIMENTARY place at the end of season tour finals. The Order of Merit Champions will be Tour Members with the most points after the last event at Littlestone in September. 

Should there be any ties for 4th place in the order of merit then the best score between the tied players from the Littlestone event will be used to determine the qualifier. Should this not be possible then the best score between those players from the last event they both played in will be used. 

Order of Merit Points System 2021

1st 100pts 2nd place 80pts, 3rd place 70pts, 4th place 60pts, 5th place 50pts, 6th place 40pts, 7th place 30pts, 8th place 29pts, 9th place 28pts, 10th place 27pts, 11th place 26pts, 12th place 25pts, 13th place 24pts, 14th place 23pts, 15th place 22pts, 16th 21pts, 17th 20pts, 18th 19pts 19th 18pts & 20th 17pts.

Plus – 5 appearance points awarded to all tour members at each event.

Tour Championship 2021

The tour championship will consist of 3 x 18 hole competitions. Under 50, 50 and over & the plate competition. The under 50 will be the top 4 players in the under 50 order of merit, the 50 and over will be the top 4 players in the 50 and over order of merit and the plate competition will be open to anyone who has competed on the tour in 2021. The plate competition entry fee will be £189.


Players Responsibilities

Players and caddies are required to adhere to The Rules of Golf and behave in an appropriate and responsible manner in line with normal golf etiquette.

Players and groupings must stick closely to the allocated playing times for each hole and shot. Pace of play must be maintained throughout.

Players are required to arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes prior to their round starting. A 2 shot penalty will be incurred for any player that is not ready when called to the tee.

Golf-4U amateur events will not give allowances or move tee times if a player is running late for any reason. The player is fully responsible for arriving at the venue in good time. Players that arrive late and miss their tee time risk forfeiting their entry fee with no grounds for appeal.

Players must play by the one ball rule in all Golf-4U amateur events. The same brand and model of ball must be used for the entire round, and the type of ball must be declared to playing partners on the 1st tee.

All balls should be individually marked by the player to confirm ownership. Any blank balls with no personalised markings are at risk of being deemed lost, should there be a dispute over ownership.

Players must only carry 14 clubs. No additional clubs may be carried in the bag during tournament play. No training aids of any description may be used during a tournament round. This includes laying them on the ground to aid alignment.

Players are given 3 minutes to look for a ball and it is the players responsibility to time their own ball. The use of mobile phones is prohibited during tournament play except for the following circumstances: To time for a lost ball, to call a referee, for live scoring and GPS/compass apps or to call for emergency assistance.

Players are fully responsible and culpable for the actions and behaviours of their caddies, family, friends and supporters. If a player’s caddy, family or supporters break any of the tour rules the player will be held responsible and incur a 1 stroke penalty.

Appeals, requests, complaints

Players are entitled to a second on course opinion regarding a ruling. Players must request this at the time of the incident to allow for an accurate assessment to be made.

Any disputes or appeals must be referred to the Tournament Director’s. All disputes and appeals must be made at the scoring desk following a round and before the player has signed their card. Appeals made after the conclusion of the tournament will not be considered.

Tournaments will be deemed officially closed and completed 60 minutes after the last group has left the scorer’s desk.

Golf-4U amateur events will at all times work in the best interest of the players and consider all facts and details presented in the case of an appeal. However, in all cases, The Tournament Director’s decision is final.

In the event of a dispute between players surrounding a ruling, the tournament officials must be called at the time of the incident. Rulings made by a group or individual are subject to change and overruling if the players have made the incorrect ruling.

Live Scoring

Golf genius live scoring will be used at all events. Players are asked to download the free golf genius app onto their mobile device. This app can also be used to access tee times, orders of merit and book events.


Golf-4U amateur events may take photographs and video at events for reports, news updates and marketing purposes. If a player wishes NOT to be photographed or filmed they must inform us at player registration or via email before the event. All photographic media is the property of GOLF-4U LTD & is subject to copyright.


Players acknowledge that participation in Golf-4U amateur events shall be played entirely at their own risk. Players release and discharge GOLF-4U LTD its directors, staff, employees, volunteers, representatives and sponsors from all claims caused by suits, liabilities, costs, damages or any other demands. The participant solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury, death or property damage. All players, caddies or supporters agree to be at an event at their own risk. It is a players responsibility to have the relevant golf insurances in place.


Players competing in Golf-4U amateur events agree to adhere to the covid-19 policies set out by the hosting club. Details of such will be sent to players in advance of the tournament date. Players that are unable to compete in events due to covid-19 may nominate a player to take their place o refer to our refund policy. Details of replacement players must be provided at least 24 hours before the event date to [email protected]

Should any events not take place due to covid-19 it is our intention to reschedule them for later in the year, alternative venues may need to be sourced subject to availability. All original entries will remain valid.

GOLF-4U LTD Reserve the right to alter these terms & conditions at any point during the course of the season. 



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