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Winter Series Golf Tour 2019/2020

 Format & Rules 


  • Winter Series Golf Tour is open to any amateur golfer, male or female from 18 years old and over.


  • Non-members may enter any of our events and are eligible to win the prizes of the day.
  • Only members of Winter Series Golf Tour can earn Order of Merit Points and qualify for the end of season Tour finals day.
  • To become a member of the tour a payment of £20.00 is required.
  • Membership is payable BEFORE entry to your first Order of Merit qualifying event, either via online payment or at the first event.
  • Membership lasts only up to the end of the 2020 Winter Series season.
  • Membership is non-refundable & non-transferable.
  • Players can join the Tour/s via the tour website – 


  • Official active CONGU handicaps are required
  • Handicap Master will be used to manage and run competitions 
  • Scores will be published via the central database of handicaps, and details will be forwarded to players home clubs via this system. 


  • The Winter Series Golf Tour will start in October 2019 and end at the last in event in January 2020. There will be 4 events plus the Tour Finals in October 2020
  • Winter Series Schedule 

Enter Events

  • All entries MUST be received in full at least 7 days prior to the event, late entries MAY become available due to unforeseen cancellations.
  • Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Entry for events will close 7 days prior to the date or when the event is fully booked – whichever comes first. 
  • Only entries that are paid for in advance will be accepted and confirmed with the hosting club.
  • Payments can be made online at – 
  • If you’re a full member (7 or 5 Day) of the hosting club, the entry fee will be £25.00.

Order of Merit

  • By being a member of Winter Series Golf Tour  you can earn points towards the end of year Tour Finals at Woburn Golf Club.
  • You may still play in events, but unless you are a Tour Member, you will not be eligible for Order of Merit points.
  • Points will be awarded to the top 20 finishers at each event. See the Order of Merit table at the bottom. 
  • All tour members receive a bonus 5 appearance points for each event they play in.
  • Updated Order of Merit table will be available via The MasterScoreBoard    Website after the first event. Login password is – segt18
  • The top player in the Order of Merit after the 4 events will qualify for the complimentary Tour finals at Woburn Golf Club.
  • The Order of Merit Champion will be the competitor with the most Order of Merit Points after the last event on 31st January 2020


  • All events of the Winter Series Tour will be Stableford format using Full Handicap allowance.
  • All events will be handicap qualifying – unless otherwise stated.
  • All events will be 18 holes unless otherwise stated.
  • In the event of ties at any event, the following count back system will be used;
  • Total stableford points scored for last 9 holes.
  • Total stableford points scored for last 6 holes.
  • Total stableford points scored for last 3 holes.
  • Individual event winners will receive prizes/vouchers worth up to £250. Runners up at each event will receive prizes/vouchers worth up to £60.
  • After the 4 events the top player in the Order of Merit Leaderboard, will automatically qualify to play in the complimentary Grand Finals at Woburn Golf Club.
  • Each tournament will have a minimum entry of 20 players, if this is not met Golf Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone the tournament. 

Tee Times and Cancellations

  • Once the tee times have been issued  NO REFUNDS will be given. 
  • If a player is late, or is unable to make their tee time, for any reason, they MUST call or text Gemma on 07515 856818. IF ON THE DAY PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL – as access to emails may be limited due to internet coverage. 
  • If a player fails to turn up for an event no refunds will be given nor will their entry fee be transferrable.
  • If a player advises at least 7 days before the event that they are unable to play, then their entry fee may be transferred to another event. This will depend on the venue and will only be agreed by Gemma.  
  • Event Tee Times will be posted on the MasterScoreBoard Website – login password is segt18 – NB this will be the same password for the entire season, so competitors can login at any point and view tee times, results, OOM etc. 
  • Please advise Gemma of any requirements, i.e. early tee times or dietary needs at least 7 days prior to the event. 

On the Day

  • Coffee/tea and full english breakfast/breakfast rolls on arrival.
  • All players MUST check in at registration at least 30 minutes prior to their tee time, and MUST be on the tee at least 10 minutes before their assigned tee time.
  • Failure to be on time at the 1st tee may result in a two-stroke penalty or loss of place in the event.
  • 18 hole individual stableford competition, unless otherwise stated.
  • All events will be played off the white tees (where possible) for men and red tees for women. Subject to the hosting clubs discretion.
  • Women or Men will receive courtesy shots if the course standard scratch dictates.
  • Prizes for winner & runner up.
  • 2 Nearest pins at each event – £5.00 extra
  • Post round catering will be available at the player’s own cost.


  • Players will exchange scorecards and be responsible for marking each other’s scores.
  • Both the marker and player must sign scorecards.
  • Players are not responsible for working out points scored – only for their gross scores on each hole.
  • Signed cards MUST be handed into Gemma after completion of play.
  • Any player failing to return a scorecard will be classed as a non-return.
  • If a player is injured and unable to complete their round they MUST report back to player registration before leaving. 
  • Any disputes regarding scores MUST be resolved between the players before signing and submitting cards.
  • Any rule queries to be checked with Gemma, all players are advised to carry a rule book with them at all times.  
  • Once the cards are submitted these will be the final score for that player. Scores CANNOT be altered after this point. 
  • A player is responsible for making sure the marker has completed their scores correctly and to sign their card accordingly.
  • All players MUST inform Gemma prior to teeing off of any handicap changes & MUST provide proof of these changes.


  • Handicap Master Leaderboard will be used at each event. The scores can also be viewed via the MasterScoreBoard website once the scores have started to come in – competitors can login in via the MasterScoreBoard with the same password used for tee times etc – password – segt18
  • All players must complete a scorecard for handicap purposes.
  • Players must swap scorecards before play.
  • Players are responsible for checking their scores before signing their card, once submitted scores cannot be altered.
  • All players MUST bring their own scorecard back to the registration desk as soon as they come off the course, where it will be checked before entering into the handicap master system. 

On Course Rules

  • New R & A 2019 Rules of Golf will apply to all events.
  • Local rules of the hosting club also apply as do the local rules of the Winter Series Golf Tour.
  • Gemma will have the final say on any rule disputes.
  • All players are advised to carry rule books, please do not rely on advice from other competitors. 
  • All players are expected to have the relevant golf insurances in place.
  • Winter Rules/Preferred Lies will be in Operation in line with the hosting clubs local rules
  • Caddies are permitted in line with the rules of England Golf

Measuring Devices

  • GPS distance and laser measuring devices are permitted – without slope.

Pace of Play

  • All groups must keep up with the group in front.
  • If a group falls behind the pace of play Gemma will marshal the situation and has the right to set a time limit.
  • If the situation continues penalty strokes or disqualification is possible.
  • Southeast Golf Tour & 50+ Golf Tour encourages “Ready Golf” meaning whoever is ready will take their shot first.

Dress Code/Conduct

  • All players must adhere to the dress code of the hosting club. Please check the hosting club website prior to an event. 
  • Players must be aware of the etiquette of golf and behave accordingly.
  • Golf Events Ltd will not tolerate any bad behaviour, including swearing, club throwing, and arguing or drinking alcohol on the course.
  • It is every player’s responsibility to respect the hosting clubs rules and dress code, including players, caddies and supporters.
  • Any player found to be in deliberate breach of the rules may be banned from competing in all future events. They will not be entitled to any reimbursements of membership or entry fees paid.


  • Prizes will be awarded for the following at each individual event:
    • 1st Place & Runner Up.
    • 2 x Nearest Pin (payable extra)


  • Players acknowledge that participation in the Winter Series Golf Tour shall be played entirely at their own risk. Players release and discharge Golf Events Ltd (Winter Series Golf Tour), its Directors, staff, employees, volunteers, representatives and sponsors from all claims caused by suits, liabilities, costs, damages or any other demands. The participant solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury, death or property damage.
  • All players, caddies or supporters agree to be at an event at their own risk.
  • It is a players responsibility to have the relevant golf insurances in place.


  • We will do everything possible to ensure an event gets completed.
  • In the case that a host club closes the course during the event and it is abandoned, if the number of holes played is less than 9 then Winter Series Golf Tour will attempt to obtain money back from the venue to issue players with a partial refund. If more than 9 holes has been played then the competition will then be over 9 holes and OOM points awarded accordingly. If an event is only 9 holes it will NOT be handicap qualifying. 
  • Tour Events will go ahead regardless of weather conditions, unless the hosting course is closed prior to the event starting, in this instance the event will be re-scheduled at the next available date.  All entries will carry over to the re-scheduled date. If a player is unable to make the new date a credit may be offered for a future event.


  • Winter Series Golf Tour may take photographs and video at events for reports, news updates and social media/marketing purposes.
  • If a player wishes NOT to be photographed or filmed they must inform Gemma at player registration or via email before the event. 
  • Winter Series Golf Tour reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event if the minimum numbers are not met.
  • All photographic media is the property of Golf Events Ltd & is subject to copyright.


  • All tournament entries MUST be paid in full 7 days prior to the event. Payments on the day will no longer be accepted for tournament entry fees, unless it is a payment for a future event or a last minute entry. 

Accepted payments – 

  • Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card
  • BACS Payment
  • Cash in Advance 

Order of Merit Points System 2020 

  • 1st place 100pts, 2nd place 80pts, 3rd place 70pts, 4th place 60pts, 5th place 50pts, 6th place 40pts, 7th place 30pts, 8th place 29pts, 9th place 28pts, 10th place 27pts, 11th place 26pts, 12th place 25pts, 13th place 24pts, 14th place 23pts, 15th place 22pts, 16th 21pts, 17th 20pts, 18th 19pts 19th 18pts & 20th 17pts 

Plus – 5 appearance points awarded to all tour members at each event

Winter Series Golf Tour is a trading name of Golf Events Ltd.

Winter Series Golf Tour reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions at any point during the course of the season. 

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